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The Eco-Warrior project, led by professional surfer James Pribram, shows how people can contribute to environmental issues such as improving water quality, protecting endangered reefs and wildlife, and enhancing life on earth for everyone.

Pribram writes for numerous publications about protecting endangered wave locations in various places around the world. Beyond the ecological impact, the destruction of wave locations has resulted in economic damage to communities as well. His stories come from traveling to the Canary Islands, New Zealand, Chile, Spain, Japan, Mexico and elsewhere.

To help Eco-Warrior’s cause, XS is filming Pribram and his experiences and broadcasting them to a larger audience in the hopes of reaching like-minded, eco-friendly people.

XS got involved because we have a passion to contribute to finding solutions to environmental problems that inspire individual efforts,” says company partner David Vanderveen.

“First, Surfer’s Path magazine gave me a platform to tell my stories,” said Pribram, “and now I am grateful that XS has made it possible for me to travel, film and expose my experiences on film and television.”

Discussions are ongoing for the Eco-Warrior project to be featured on television in a one-hour special as well as in a feature series, so stay tuned for more details.

James Pribram (right) leads a water pollution protest march across the Itata bridge in Chile with fellow environmental activist Josh Berry (middle) and photographer Geoffrey Ragatz (left).